new doodle

here is a new doodle i made today whilst pondering my new project. Not exactly sure what i want to do yet but at the moment i am quite enjoying the idea of animating something based on the case study of "the disembodied woman". This is a case study in the book "the man who mistook his wife for a hat" by Oliver Sacks and the woman in question was an unfortunate lady who following an unexplained illness and admission into hospital, suddenly found herself bereft of proprioception. Her hands would wander about her bed and she could only lie there, trapped in her own unrecognisable body. Eventually she learnt with huge effort to walk and move by staring at the part of her body she wanted to control, but every time she blinked she would be reduced to a heap on the floor.

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  1. you could so incorporate the previous picture in with this idea- wandering hands, flying tongues. it's going to be amazing.