Roel Wouters / BUG

Last night a few friends and I went to BUG 05 at the bfi... it was great fun again, adam buxton was lovely as always and the selection of videos was pretty good too. The stand out for me was Roel Wouters - he refers to himself as a graphic designer more than an artist, and is infact a teacher on a graphic design course in amsterdam. He was really funny and likeable, and extremely enthusiastic about teaching and the possibilities of the media in general and all without a single flicker of pretension or delusion of grandeur around him. It was great! and made me more than a little jealous of the fact that our tutors are so... well... less positive about the whole thing. He also had on an amazing pair of two tone shoes and fantastic shiny blue shirt, but that's another story. enjoy his wonderfully low tech and geeky video for zZz.


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  2. oooh thanks, i sorted it out with my super cool html (copy and paste from the other link i made in another post....) skillz. but yeah, safari often has silly problems like that. humm it's a shame firefox is so ugly...
    you shoulda come to bug, you emo!