David Byrne vs Michel Gondry

Hello hello, time for another archive related post! Yesterday, I discovered half a film on an old vhs taped from german tv and within 3 seconds knew I had to find out what it was so I could watch it. The film in question turned out to be "True Stories" by David Byrne of talking heads fame.
The film itself is a strange yet lovely wander through an imagined Texas and I really enjoyed it (I can't believe it's on amazon.com for $3! shame there isnt a region 2 or 1 or whatever this region is in existence) but more to the point, I was struck by one scene in particular.
Michel Gondry's daft punk video from 1997 is strikingly reminiscent of the "wild wild life" scene in the film no? Look at that set design and the lighting! Surely it's no coincidence.
True Stories (in its entirety) on youtube, Around the World.

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