More catgut promo inspiration - fears of the dark

Ok, so the last post was about the mood, and the subtle details that I want to look at in the promo. This is about the visual style and in particular the representation of space.
As soon as I heard the track I will be working with, I knew I wanted to create a similar sense of ambience, to touch on a specific note as "rains" does, but to unify it by having a central character as a guiding thread throughout. The scenes observed in "Rains" are linked by, well, the rain. The whole film hinges on this, and it is elevated beyond a montage of (beautiful) observations by focusing on this one element, becoming a study, a paean to rain.
I don't think mine will achieve anywhere near as lofty heights but this where i'm coming from.
The second thought that struck me was that it would be a great opportunity to play with a minimal style i've always had a visual crush on- representing three dimensionality and perspective by negative space and movement. i've always loved the way it's possible to give things shape by omitting lines, there is something pleasingly clever about images that manage to describe something in its entirety while leaving things unsaid, I suppose some kind of visual equivalent to a carefully worded linguistic allusion.
The Richard Mcguire directed segment of "fears of the dark" illustrates this style beautifully. whereas in a drawing you need a certain amount of marks on a page to delineate space and objects (without them you end up with that classic "polar bear in a snowstorm eating marshmallows" blank page) in animation, with the addition of movement you can map out a space quite accurately through the changes in perspective that occur when moving through it. Fears of the dark does it fantastically well, I wasn't able to find the exact clip I'm thinking of (some children playing in the snow, a stark white image where you become aware of the hilly landscape and the children's presence by their jumping up and down in and out of the white) but there is some absolutely gorgeous stuff along those lines in this too. Props to Lucile Patron whose reel this is showing the part she animated in the film.

I'll post some drawings soon and hopefully an animatic so you can see where all these thoughts were leading up to.

PS I was on bbc local radio with Lesley very very early on saturday morning promoting the BAAs where we were rightly upstaged by a 7 year old girl who has organised a sponsored swim for Haiti. I haven't listened again to myself because I can't bear the sound of my own voice- I've been told it's fine, but I'm not taking that risk! It's on iPlayer, that's all the detail you're getting.

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