not sure about this, it doesn't feel quite right. Maybe I'll give it another shot at some point, or maybe I'll just keep going with the next dream I have, it's quite a fun thing to try and capture.
Some background to today's dream- puzzled scientists were collecting the fish as they poured down the walls and pooled in silvery mounds on the carpet of this house, it was to them that my comment was directed. And a note about my note- it says the girl was holding a "fish" not a "fith" it would seem my brush has a lisp... 


  1. Never thought of drawing one of my dreams. Lovely image Vida. hope your well

  2. Cool! I always want to write my dreams down. I had a dream the other day where i was laughing out loud during it. my girlfriend ask me what it was that made me laugh. I told her, but now i can't remember what it was. I'm inspired! i Might keep a dream book next to my bed and do what you did.

    Thank you for inspiring me once again!

  3. do it guys!
    it's fun even though it's surprisingly hard. The subject is all there fully formed but it's hard to get it exactly as you see it/feel it.
    nice way to experiment with new ways of drawing though.
    look forward to seeing both of yours :)

    vv x