Tempo tissues "Bike"

So the ad I directed is finally here!
It aired on monday in germany/italy and I just found out has been named "ad of the week" by the Reel!
I'm looking forward to finally being able to post some drawings related to this, I've been locked in an inky drawing vacuum more or less since January, it's been a long time coming :)

thanks especially to all the wonderful animators and artworkers who did a better job than I could ever have done all on my own and coped admirably with my first time director nerves...


Oh and also, extra special thanks to Owen for bringing his plinky musical magic as ever.

PS. Stand by for obligatory embarrassing making-of in the next couple of days...


  1. It's good to see it up online! Looks so great. Well done, you must be nuff chuffed

  2. I absolutely love the look and animation on this. Great work Vida et gang.

  3. thanks guys!
    it means a lot, you know when you've been in something for so long you can't see it any more :)
    Really glad you like it

    vv xx

  4. Gorgeous job! Lovely bleed in the colour work, and nicely integrated with the tissue folding!

  5. Maybe I'm a bit late but this is beautiful. Vida. Congratulations on a well executed job.