I've finally got round to uploading the second ad I directed for Tempo Tissues last year. It's actually a slightly evolved version of one of the 4 animatics I made over christmas 2011, It's amazing how much time these always seem to take. Those animatics were made just over a year ago, then we spent the summer sweating making this and then right up until christmas working on an alternative version for Italy. So in a way I spent a year working on this one commercial, off and on. I have to say it makes a lot more sense now in January than it did last July, it's annoying how out of synch moods and seasons can get with the work you are making! music as before, by Owen Davey.


  1. amazing concept and realization.
    Ciao :)

    1. Thank you Lucenza! I'm glad you like it, and that someone in Italy actually saw it!
      ciao :)