foundation pt2: book

This is an "intervention" (i put quotation marks around the term to denote level of pretentiousness) i made into a copy of the ugly duckling. it's a little rhyming story i had written in a similar vein to the fairy tales by the brothers grimm/hans christian andersen. I liked the idea of modifying the pages of a book so that on first inspection they seemed like a tangled mass of illegible letters, just a defaced shredded story book but that if you learned to not look at the page itself or the fragments of remaining text left on the page it was possible to find a new story in old print.
It's a shame i can't find any better pictures of the book actually, for my final show it was nailed to the wall and all the bits cut out of the book lay in a pile/trail on the floor beneath it, as if someone had opened it and it had just disintegrated.

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