foundation pt5: pretty sharpish

After our final show at college, me and the rest of the foundation crew decided to put on a show of our own at "La Viande" gallery in hoxton, it was fun, i decided to show the fleshy coloured organ puppets i made as a development from the earlier ones... again, the photos aren't particularly good, so apologies, but at least you can see the structure with jars i had constructed for my final piece. It was partly inspired by the stacks and stacks of jars with interestingly preserved body parts in the Hunterian Museum - one of my favourite places in London and one of the most inspirational too.

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  1. pretty sharpish

    was pretty funny

    its rich from the foundation class, i saw maria the other day and she told me to check out your website so i thought might as well. looks really good i have no photos from pretty sharpish you don't have anymore do you
    anyway hope your well