foundation pt4: puppets

I actually started making puppets a long time ago, when i was still doing my a-levels.. so that makes it 5 years ago (wow, time flies). This was just an extension of what I was doing before, experimenting with taking apart elements from abandoned children's toys and reinserting them into the puppets. The one i am most pleased with from that perspective is the blue meanyish one, if you pull the head (weighted with sand), the neck stretches and clicks, winding up a clockwork motor inside the body which then gets reeled in, vibrating, until it catches back up with the head. The fat orange puppet with the slightly vacant expression on the other hand has a voicebox inside it, which i found in a deceptively cutesy teddy bear. I don't know if the voicebox is defective or if it was intended to be this way, but it makes a horrible growling/screaming sound that i think would terrify any unsuspecting child unfortunate to squeeze it. ha.

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