Amazing animation I can't stop watching

This film was linked to me by Jon last week, and since the first time I watched it, it hasn't failed to make me weep with admiration at the quality of the animation.
It's unbelievable.
And as usual... it's by a french animator. I am such a francophile at the moment- I don't even do it on purpose!
Anyway, here is the link (youtube wont let me embed it)

Orgesticulanismus - by Mathieu Labaye

watch it, it's really, truly beautiful.

On a purely selfish note... I can't help wondering- how long did it take? How many people helped him? I bet the answer is something depressing like 2 weeks and with one arm and blind folded...

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  1. the animation is just so natural...
    The sound track is really good also. Thanks for the inspiration!