Pencil tests 1

I always forget to post the inbetween stages of my work, but my desktop is literally FULL of little snippets of animation i have scanned just to see if they make sense.
I am in the middle of inking now, but here is a little test in the mean time.
I might put the rest up later, it's kinda cool to see the progression between pencilly sketchiness and inked/gouached up.
Back to the lightbox now...


  1. i don't know why but i cant see your video :<
    i guess you're keep animating like crazy now...Good Luck!! hope see you tomorrow* XX yui

  2. Haaaaaaaaaa Vidaa!!
    I didn't see your comment because Blogger didn't send me any email to inform me...So bad!
    Fortunatly, i watch the header and saw your nice comment :-)
    Thanks for everything, it's very nice. :-) If you want to correct my mistakes, yep ok, really nice!!
    I watched your animations, very interesting :-) :-)
    I would like to see more, keep me informed!

    Speak soon!