We has storyboard

Well well, look what the cat dragged in...
a storyboard apparently.
It's just a presentation board without any annotations or anything, so it doesnt really make perfect sense, but it's unbelievably useful for me to see what the hell i'm doing, especially since i've been lost in my little animation bubble with no perspective.
There is light at the end of the tunnel! Expect a finished film by wednesday.



  1. nice storyboard :) i prefer this ending more than last one.
    Good lukc for your animation!
    X yui

  2. I hope you muff up quite a few frames of this animation so I can have my very own, signed v.vega originals to pin to my wall.

  3. oh that's pretty much fo sho ;)
    infact i think there are a few lying in my bin as i type. they may be covered in gum and pencil shavings though so maybe not quite up to scratch. i'll mess some up neatly for you!