Roundhouse Ex Animo Bursary

Last week I heard I was shortlisted for the Roundhouse Ex Animo bursary and went along to pitch my dog/pickle film idea to their panel- they loved it and I just heard I've been awarded the bursary!
Once again, I'm going to be spending the summer in the dark animating away, though this time in the decidedly nicer surroundings of the Roundhouse Studios, make a change from my bedroom...


  1. Fantastic Vida!! Congratulations, I am already waiting with anticipation. Would be nice to see the development on this project on the blog, well done x

  2. aw thanks!
    Yeah, I will be trying to keep up with blogging the progress- I'm just too lazy with internetty stuff :) I've got a few new drawings and things from the pitch to put up in the mean time, hopefully i'll manage to do it in the next couple of days before going to Stuttgart on friday!


  3. congratulations Vida!
    I hope everything is fine in the UK! Yesterday evening Johnathan came at my place... and we miss you ladies a lot here!

    Comme back soon :) you'll always be welcome in Annecy.

    Best regards,