Asda George (and signing your name with a blancmange)

 Just finished working on this commercial for asda- I animated the numbers the girl is writing on the right that pop and morph into butterflies, balloons, stars etc as well as all the text and handwritingy bits.
It was fun though slightly frustrating to put it mildly- the animation was done in flash and as I've never really worked in flash very much before it was like being asked to sign your name with a blancmange. "I'm sure I know how to do this, but, but... why is it SO hard???"
Anyway, my struggles in the land of vectors pale in comparison to the epic task that was Waltz With Bashir:

Thanks to Meital the lovely compositor who worked on Asda with me (as well as waltz with bashir no less) for pointing this video out to me in my darker moments....

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