Polish posters

A lot has been written about polish poster design and though I'd vaguely been aware of it (big influence on the brothers Quay etc), it wasn't until I went to Cinephilia West and saw some posters in their exhibition space that I really understood how unique a movement it is.
These are some of my favourites- I love their humour, hand drawn/painted flair and how well they translate the essence of the film onto paper.
The shining is a particular favourite, I love how much the poster IS that poor woman in the "here's johnny!" scene.

Designers left to right:
Leszek Zebrowski - The Shining
Waldemar Swierzy - Sunset Boulevard
Swava Harasymowicz - Mulholland Drive
Leszek Zebrowski - Losiewisko
Leszek Zebrowski - Amelie

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