Here is the short short animation I made to illustrate a tutorial for the Feb 2011 Digital Arts - and what do you know it's a greyhound.
The tutorial focuses on how I use Photoshop/After Effects to composite and matte my hand-drawn animation and the few shortcuts I've found to alleviate the tedium of painting and editing things frame by frame... no getting away from the drawing aspect though (fun fact: there are 34 drawings per 3 layers in this barely 5 second clip- that's 102 in total).
Download the tutorial and film in digital form here or find the magazine in all good newsagents near you!


  1. Wow your works lovely! i really enjoyed your films, and i really wanna check out this tutorial. Is the issue still available?

  2. oh thank you!
    that's so sweet!
    I think the issue should still be available, if not in print then in the downloads on the digital arts site. I think there might be a way to just download my tutorial, but if not you can buy that whole month's issue online through the link i posted.
    i like your coffee ring man by the way :)
    take care!

    vv xxx