Now that my favourite nib replacements have arrived, a new doodle. And my pain that my absolute favourite bubblegum scented melissa shoes are just too tight. In case anyone's interested, my favourite nib is the divinely scratchy and flexy steel blue Gillott 1950. When the last one gave way I did try other nibs, but you know how it is, you yearn for that familiar touch. The young pretenders are far too wet and overkeen, too broad in the hand and you just can't kid yourself you feel the same way. Glad to be in your steely arms again old friend.


  1. Again very lovely. Man it makes me wanna try this nib :)

    I've never drawn with a nibbed ink pen. I think i need to give it a try.

  2. Aw thanks! You're too kind!
    You should DEFINITELY try drawing with a dip pen though. I love how fast and un-precious it forces you to be. And they're cheap enough to just buy and try out without feeling bad if you find it's not for you :)

    vv xx

  3. Your welcome :)

    yeah i'm gonna give it a try for sure.

    Check out this film I Just directed with a friend Wesley Louis


    It's called Drawing Inspiration.

    Seem kinda fitting since Your drawing has inspired me :)

  4. Another wonderful drawing.You make it look all too easy.. Effortless, economical and yet so solid...Amazing!