Sylvia plath distilled into limerick form

original poem "Tulips" here

and my fantastic version:

For Ash

There was once a bunch of tulips,
They sucked the life out from my two lips,
They were far too red
They messed with my head
I never wanted them, i actually prefer irises.


  1. There are no words to...that can... I... oh, a tear.

    Thank you, Vida

  2. yo yo
    i was with marira cos i really wanted her to see some of my work and tell me what she thought and she was in brighton so yeah she sadi your page was really really good.
    anyway the emo comment was a bit mean but after reading this lovely poem maybe someone els is slipping into the world of black hair and my chemical romance. :P:P:P
    anyway how are you doing
    i have just done my dissertation and now i ahve my final show soon so i have so much on.
    but yeah hope your well and that

  3. VIDA, didnt realise you blogged!! hope you and ash are well, if you see her, send her my love and the same to you xx