Vida Vega.com is go!

finally, i can barely believe it myself, the domain vidavega.com actually has a useable workable site on it!
It's not quite finished yet, but it has my showreel (minus stuff from my final film etc) and some of my favourite drawings from here on it as well as other bits and bobs.
I am currently in the middle of moving (and consequently buying the ikea studio furniture of my dreams) and writing proposals/storyboards for a film competition so blogging has been low in my list of priorities for a while.
anyway, hopefully i will have time once in the new house.

I give to you in the mean time vidavega.com


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  1. yeah maria was good helped me out loads she did indeed like my work she said i was a fine art boy stuck in a sonic arts world but i think i knew thta already. yes niall is indeed in my class and we still hang out most of the time his work is amazing blows alot of people out of the water still finds it hard to find a concept though but i think he work is amazing. they have not told us when our show is yet but if you would like to come to it you are more then welcome mine will be a performance so keep the laughing till the end please
    where you living now
    hope your well and still watching jojo in the stars